I’ve collaborated with Citroën for the special edition C4 Cactus W. The work is centred around the concept of alternative perceptions and perspectives. Inspired by the alternative C4 Cactus W, the special edition that further enhances the style of C4 Cactus. Features that make the special edition include the Pearl White body colour, 17 inch white ‘Cross’ alloy wheels and panoramic sunroof.

For my interpretation of alternative perceptions and perspectives, I placed C4 Cactus W in front of different backgrounds or unusual perspectives. I wanted to create a distorted reality where different angled shapes, played tricks on people’s eyes and created optical illusions.

Route 1, ‘an abstract environment’, is an animation that we've created for C4 Cactus W, which is inspired by placing the car on a bright and bold background made from shapes and patterns found on the car itself. 

Route 2, ‘driving outside the box’ is a typography piece, inspired by wall writing found in urban environments. This is created using fluid abstract shapes in cyan, magenta and yellow overlaid to create recognisable letterforms.

Route 3, ‘impossible shapes’ is a representative of a city that is simplified down to simple graphic blocks to create an urban environment behind the vehicle.  

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